Important dates: XLIII International SODEBRAS Congress November 19, 2020 to November 21, 2020 Online event

until October 25, 2020
1st call - until August 31st
2nd call - from September 1st to September 30th
3rd call - from October 1st to October 25th
Participation in the Congress
Listener R$ 400,00
1st Paper R$ 1000,00
1st Paper R$ 1200,00
1st Paper R$ 1400,00
Additional Paper R$ 500,00
Additional Paper R$ 600,00
Additional Paper R$ 700,00

Important information:

- Registration fee as a congress attendee includes attending the presentations and the Congress Participation Certificate.

- All papers must follow the strict formatting requirements of the SODEBRAS Journal (Header format and the following sentence at the end of the paper: “Copyright: The author(s) is(are) solely responsible for the material included in this paper.”) and must be in DOC format.

- Papers must not exceed 6 pages and 1 MB.

- Papers may be published in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French, but the Abstract must also be included in English.

- Click on the links to view the templates:

About submission process:

If prior acceptance is required:
1st - send the abstract, according to the template, to the email;
2nd - wait for confirmation of acceptance, estimated period of 2 days, make your registration;
3rd - submit your full article by the deadline, if you want it to be evaluated.

If you prefer to send the full article directly:
1st - submit the full article, according to the template, to the email;
2nd - wait for the reviewers' considerations, estimated period of 15 days;
3rd - perform your registration.
4th - if you prefer to register early to guarantee discounts, it is also possible.

About registration process:

The registration process will be open until October 25, 2020.
Please, take into account the following instructions:
Go to Registration option in the Start Submission menu in order to get information about registration fees and payment methods..
Fill out the following registration form.
Send the registration form to,,
Remember that papers without registration and payment won’t be included in the SODEBRAS Journal.


Certifications will be delivered to the participants after its presentation.

O próximo Sodebras Congress, assim como o último, ocorrerá de forma online, mantendo assim as precauções quanto a prevenção do COVID-19.

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Data: 09/07/2020

Estão abertas as inscrições para o próximo Sodebras Congress. 1ª chamada até 31 de agosto; 2ª até 30 de setembro e 3ª até 25 de outubro. Participe!

Atualizado por:Profa Dra Maria Claudia
Data: 09/07/2020
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