Environmentalists Directors Ministers of State
Administrators Economists Mayors
Lawyers Nurses Teachers
Communicators Engineers Broadcasters
Dentists Governors Rectors
Deputies Journalists Senators
Researchers Doctors Councilors

Businessmen from these sectors:

Agricultural, Commercial, Communications, Energy, Education, Industrial and Transport sector.

Builders on these industries:

Commercial, Industrial, Public and Residential

Minicurso 1 - Energias renováveis para autoconsumo - Profa Dra. Thaís Castro.

Minicurso 2 - Patentes, redação e depósito - Profa Dra. Maria Claudia

Atualizado por:Maria Claudia
Data: 13/01/2020

Enviem seus resumos e artigos para o XLII Sodebras Congress que ocorrerá entre os dias 28 e 30 de maio de 2020, em São Paulo - SP.

Atualizado por:Maria Claudia
Data: 13/01/2020
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