XLII International SODEBRAS Congress
May 28, 2020 to May 30, 2020 Online event

Steps to registration and submission

  1. Write the Abstract according to the model: http://www.sodebras.com.br/Eng/Congresso/?link=2
  2. Submit the Abstract to the email:congresso@sodebras.com.br
  3. After receiving the acceptance of the Abstract. Start the registration at the link: http://www.sodebras.com.br/Eng/Congresso/?link=3
  4. The full paper must be submitted until May 8, 2020 according to the model: http://www.sodebras.com.br/Eng/Congresso/?link=2
Note: All accepted full papers will be published at SODEBRAS Journal within 3 months after the SODEBRAS Congress. Qualified in several areas of knowledge.

Inscreva-se no XLII Sodebras e receba e-book "Energias Renováveis e Aplicações" do Prof. Dr. Teófilo e poderá escolher um dos minicursos GRÁTIS!

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Data: 23/03/2020

no sentido de agir preventivamente, anunciamos que o próximo evento ocorrerá de forma on-line. As inscrições realizadas continuam valendo. Agradecemos

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Data: 16/03/2020
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